What does "imported" mean?

What does "imported" mean?

Posted by David Meshberg on Feb 19th 2018

When it comes to fashion, there is "Made in Italy",

"Made in France", "Made in Germany", "Made in

 India", "Made in the USA" (very rare!), "Made in

Mexico, Israel, Spain, and other countries too

numerous to mention, and then there is the

mysterious "imported". If all the other countries

who create and produce fashion put their country

of origin then what's up with this "imported"

place? Well, as most of you know, "imported" is

secret fashion retailer code for "Made in China".

Unfortunately, the retailers realized in the early

days of producing there that the public in general

thought that "Made in China" might be viewed as 

synonymous with mass produced, poor quality,

shoddy materials, and put on the shelves just to

make a buck, I guess. Otherwise, why wouldn't

they proudly declare "Made in China" as part

of the item's description? Its a mystery to me.

All I know is that everthing made at David Meshberg

is individually handcrafted in the USA, like the description